Biotech Equipment Sales, Inc., is based in the Birthplace of Biotech and dedicated to bringing high quality pre-owned laboratory instrumentation to our scientific community.

BES has these recent model, well-taken-care-of instruments for sale at our South San Francisco showroom. Most items come with our standard 90-day warranty. Extended warranties are available. Select a category to browse and let us know what interests you.

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Binder VD 115 Vacuum Oven

Binder VD 115 Vacuum Oven, 4.1 cu/ft, microprocessor ...

Sales price: $5,875.00

Bio-Rad GelDoc XR+ Gel Photo Documentation System

For fast and easy quantitation of a variety of nucleic acid ...

Sales price: $8,450.00
Sales price: $2,650.00

Bio-Rad Tetrad 2 Peltier Thermal Cycler

4-bay chassis; -5 to 105 C temp range.

Sales price: $8,500.00

BioMek NXs8 Lab Automation Workstation

By incorporating a wide range of next-generation features ...

Sales price: $51,500.00
Sales price: $3,850.00

BioRad ChemiDoc XRS System

The ChemiDoc XRS system is the most advanced ...

Sales price: $8,500.00

BioRad DNA Engine Peltier Thermal Cycler

This BioRad DNA Engine thermal cycler comes with a 96-well ...

Sales price: $4,200.00

BioRad GenePulser Xcell

Xcell + BioRad PC Module + BioRad ShockPod

Sales price: $2,000.00

BioRad GenePulser Xcell + BioRad CE Module + BioRad ShockPod

BioRad GenePulser Xcell + BioRad CE Module + BioRad ...

Sales price: $4,500.00

BioRad GenePulser Xcell + CE Module + ShockPod

The Gene Pulser Xcell™ system is a modular electroporation ...

Sales price: $2,800.00

BioRad GenePulser Xcell Total System (includes CE Module + PC Module + ShockPod)

The Gene Pulser Xcell™ system is a modular electroporation ...

Sales price: $2,950.00

Biorad Genepulser XL series CE Module ONLY

The Gene Pulser Xcell™ system is a modular electroporation ...

Sales price: $700.00

BioRad Mini Protean Tetra System

SOLD The Mini-PROTEAN Tetra cell is the next-generation ...

Sales price: $300.00

BioRad Mini-Protean Tetra System w/ Power Pac HC

The BioRad Mini-Protean Tetra Cell electrophoresis system ...

Sales price: $625.00

BioRad MiniOpticon Real-Time PCR System with Computer

LIKE NEW! Compact, two-color, real-time detection platform ...

Sales price: $7,450.00

BioRad MyiQ Real-Time PCR Detection System

SOLD This Bio-Rad iCycler iQ Real Time PCR is in excellent ...

Sales price: $8,500.00

BioRad Power Pac HC

The PowerPac™ HC power supply is recommended for ...

BioRad Trans-Blot SD

The Trans-Blot® SD semi-dry transfer cell allows fast, ...

Sales price: $550.00

BioRad UltraRocker

Bio-Rad's versatile UltraRocker™ rocking platform meets the ...

Sales price: $6,500.00

BioTek Cytation 3 Imaging Reader

Cell-imaging multi-mode microplate reader.

Sales price: $16,500.00

BioTek EL406 Combination Washer Dispenser 406PSUB3

Fast, full (96-, 384-well) plate-washing along with three ...

Sales price: $25,750.00

BioTek ELx405 HT2S Microplate Washer

Rapidly washes 384-well microplates.

Sales price: $12,000.00

BioTek ELx405 UVS Select Microplate Washer

96- and 384-well; with Ultrasonic Advantage.

Sales price: $4,500.00

BioTek ELx405RS Microplate Washer

96-well; Ultrasonic Advantage

Sales price: $3,800.00

BioTek Select 405 LSUVS Microplate Washer

Dispense Volume: 25 to 3000 μL/well

Sales price: $7,500.00

Blue M SW17TA-1 Laboratory Oven

Blue M Oven, Model SW17TA, 17" W x 15" H x 10" D chamber, ...

Sales price: $275.00

Boekel 107800 Oven

Double wall construction, glass wool insulation ...

Sales price: $150.00

Boekel Scientific IC-200 Immersion Chiller

SOLD! Cooling systems allow immersion circulators and tanks ...

Sales price: $500.00

Branson 5510 Ultrasonic Cleaner

SOLD Branson ultrasonic cleaners, 40KHz, sweep frequency ...

Sales price: $475.00

Branson M8800 Ultrasonic Bath

Demo model; 5.5 gallon, 60-min timer.

Sales price: $1,275.00

BTX ECM 630 Electro Cell Manipulator w/ Safety Stand

This system incorporates features that make it one of the ...

Sales price: $3,750.00

Buchi B177 Vacobox

Combination PTFE vacuum pump and controller. Pump is ...

Sales price: $1,700.00
Sales price: $15,750.00

Buchi R-205 CR Professional

Buchi R205 Professional rotary evaporator w/V805 vacuum ...

Sales price: $3,950.00

Buchi R-210 Rotovapor with V-850 Controller

This R-210 Rotary Evaporator Includes Vacuum ...

Sales price: $3,950.00