Biotech Equipment Sales, Inc., is based in the Birthplace of Biotech and dedicated to bringing high quality pre-owned laboratory instrumentation to our scientific community.

BES has these recent model, well-taken-care-of instruments for sale at our South San Francisco showroom. Most items come with our standard 90-day warranty. Extended warranties are available. Select a category to browse and let us know what interests you.

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Buchi R-210 with Specialized B-495 Bath

R-210 Rotary Evaporator with Specialized B-495 self ...

Sales price: $3,450.00

Buchi R-215 Adv. V P+G 24/40 NEW IN BOX

Rotovap new in box. Includes Main Unit, Bath, V-850 vacuum ...

Sales price: $4,950.00

Buchi V-700 Vacuum Pump

Buchi V-700 Vacuum Pump chemically resistant and totally ...

Sales price: $850.00

Buchi V850 Factory Refurbished Vacuum Controller

The vacuum controllers are the result of close ...

Sales price: $1,350.00

Caliper Life Sciences TurboVap LV Concentration Workstation

Automated alternative to rotary and vacuum-style ...

Sales price: $3,750.00

Cambridge PhotoZoom

Cambridge Instruments PhotoZoom inverted tissue culture ...

Sales price: $875.00

Carver Press 3912

Benchtop press with 2 heated platens, safety shield; 12-ton ...

Sales price: $3,350.00

CBS Isothermal V-3000 AB Series Liquid Nitrogen Storage System

-193 C. Liquid nitrogen temps without liquid nitrogen ...

Sales price: $9,500.00

CBS V-1500 Isothermal Freezer

Up for sale is a Custom Biogenic System Liquid Nitrogen ...

Sales price: $5,950.00

Cepheid SmartCycler

This current model Cepheid SmartCycler Real-Time PCR was ...

Sales price: $16,500.00

Charm Heat Block

NEW. 20-place block incubator

Sales price: $350.00

Chemglass Benchtop Reactor Kit, Jacketed, 300mL

Chemglass Benchtop Reactor Kit, Jacketed, 300mL, small ...

Sales price: $2,950.00

Chemglass Bioreactor 10L

10L jacketed chemical reactor with rolling stand.

Sales price: $4,500.00

Cole Parmer Instrument Co. by SheldonMfg Model 05012-00

SOLD Cole Parmer Instrument Co. by Sheldon Manufacturing ...

Sales price: $325.00

Cole Parmer MasterFlex Peristaltic Pump

Four operating modes: continuous run, timed dispense, ...

Sales price: $1,500.00

Cole Parmer Ultrasonic Bath 08895-75

Greater cleaning power and increased reliability.

Sales price: $725.00

Cole-Parmer Digital Gear Pump 75211-30

The IP23-rated enclosure protects internal components from ...

Sales price: $700.00

Cole-Parmer Masterflex Console Drive with Easy-Load II Head

Identical to the Precision Standard Drives but also ...

Sales price: $650.00

Cole-Parmer Masterflex Digital Standard Drive W/ EZ

10-600 rpm An accurate digital pump drive for critical ...

Sales price: $800.00

Consolidated SR-24 Autoclave (24x24x36

Consolidated SR-24 Autoclave with steam generator ...

Sales price: $18,500.00

Coy Vinyl Anaerobic Airlock Chamber

Flexibility allows deeper, higher reach into chamber.

Sales price: $13,500.00

Denver Instruments APX-100

Denver Instrument has been producing precision balances in ...

Sales price: $975.00

Denver Instruments TP 114 Analytical Balance

Timberline Series are entry-level balances for fundamental ...

Sales price: $1,100.00

Dever Instruments TR-2101

Denver Instruments TR-2101 toploading balance, 2100g x 0.1g

Sales price: $300.00

Du Pont Sorvall GSA Rotor

Du Pont Sorvall GSA Rotor 6 places

Sales price: $1,200.00

E-C EC135-90 Power Supply

The EC135-90 is the perfect power supply for all of your ...

Sales price: $500.00

Eberbach Con-Torque Tissue Homogenizer

Eberbach Model 7265 ConTorque Tissue Homogenizer power unit ...

Sales price: $800.00

Edvotek EdvoCycler

The EdvoCyclerâ„¢ is a standalone classroom PCR machine that ...

Sales price: $850.00

Edwards / KnF Neuberger PM13196-840 3 Vacuum Pump

SOLD 120V, 50/60Hz, CE tagged. Includes: B-481 heating ...

Sales price: $1,150.00

Edwards PM 13196-840.3

344 Litres per Minute 6 Torr 15 psig

Sales price: $1,100.00

Edwards RV5 Vacuum Pump, Current Model

Lightly used; Peak Pumping speed: (at 60Hz) 3.6 cfm; (at ...

Sales price: $1,850.00

Edwards RV8

Edwards RV8 direct-drive vacuum pump

Sales price: $1,150.00

Edwards RV8 Vacuum Pump

6cfm / 2 x 10-3 Torr

Sales price: $1,400.00

Elga PURELAB Ultra Bioscience

This ELGA PURELAB Ultra Bioscience water purification system

Sales price: $2,250.00

Eppendorf 5427 R Refrigerated Microfuge

Centrifuge 5427 R, with 30 place rotor FA-45-30-11, rotary ...

Sales price: $4,325.00

Eppendorf 5415C

Eppendorf 5415C microfuge w/18-place covered rotor

Sales price: $575.00

Eppendorf 5415D Centrifuge

The 5415 D has all the tried and tested technical features, ...

Sales price: $800.00

Eppendorf 5415R

Equipped with a patented temperature management system and ...

Sales price: $3,250.00