Biotech Equipment Sales, Inc. is based in the Birthplace of Biotech, dedicated to bringing high quality pre-owned laboratory instrumentation to our scientific community.

BES  has these recent model well-taken care of instruments for sale at our South San Francisco showroom. Most items come with our standard 90 day warranty. Extended warranties are available. You can easily find products by selecting a category to browse below.

Incubator Shakers

Amerex Instruments Gyromax 787R

This orbital shaking refrigerating incubator features a ...

Sales price: $4,700.00

Barnstead Lab-Line MaxQ 5000 E-class

Floor model Barnstead Lab-Line MaxQ 5000 w/digital control, ...

Sales price: $4,950.00

Finemould Precsion Ind.Co. Incubator Shaker SV12

Finemould PCR Incubator Shaker Combi-SV12

Sales price: $1,100.00

MaxQ 6000 Incubator Shaker

Sample storage and orbital shaking with intuitive, ...

Sales price: $3,850.00

MaxQ™ 5000 Floor-Model Shaker

Large capacity applications can be completed with ease.

Sales price: $4,800.00

New Brunswick Excella E24 Incubator Shaker

Benchtop incubator shaker for use with interchangeable ...

Sales price: $3,500.00

New Brunswick Innova 4000

New Brunswick 4000 benchtop incubator shaker w/18" 18" ...

Sales price: $3,000.00

New Brunswick Innova 4230 Refrigerated Incubator Shaker

New Brunswick Scientific Innova 4230 Refrigerated Benchtop ...

Sales price: $3,500.00

New Brunswick Scientific C24 Incubator/Shaker

The New Brunswick Scientific C24 is a benchtop incubator ...

Sales price: $2,650.00

VWR (Sheldon) 1575R Refrigerated Shaking Incubator

VWR Scientific (Sheldon) 1575R Refrigerated Shaking ...

Sales price: $3,200.00