Biotech Equipment Sales, Inc. is based in the Birthplace of Biotech, dedicated to bringing high quality pre-owned laboratory instrumentation to our scientific community.

BES  has these recent model well-taken care of instruments for sale at our South San Francisco showroom. Most items come with our standard 90 day warranty. Extended warranties are available. You can easily find products by selecting a category to browse below.

Vacuum Pumps

Alcatel Pascal 1005 L

Alcatel Pascal 1005 SD direct-drive vacuum pump

Sales price: $1,025.00

Cole Parmer Air Admiral Vacuum Pump

Cole Parmer Air Admiral Diaphram Vacuum Pump .37cfm

Sales price: $150.00

Edwards XDS10

Edwards XDS10 Vacuum Pump Oil-Free Dry Scroll

Sales price: $7,000.00
Sales price: $1,350.00

KnF Neuberger UN035 STP

Stainless Heads, PTFE-Coated Diaphragm, PTFE Valve, 50 ...

Sales price: $1,100.00

Leybold D16B Trivac Rotary Vacuum Pump

The Leybold D16B Trivac is a durable vacuum pump with a ...

Sales price: $1,950.00

Pfeiffer Duo 2.5 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pumps of the UNO/DUO series are oil-sealed, ...

Sales price: $2,500.00

Savant GP 110-120 Vacuum Pump

The environmentally friendly design of the Savant GP-110 ...

Sales price: $750.00
Sales price: $2,950.00

Vaccuubrand ME 8 Vacuum Pump

Vacuubrand ME8 Diaphragm-Type Vacuum Pump. A 4-head, one ...

Sales price: $1,500.00

Vacuubrand MZ 2C Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pump with Integrated Controller and Condenser.

Sales price: $2,950.00

Welch GelMaster Gel Dryer Vacuum System

A room temperature vapor pump condenses the hot vapors from ...

Sales price: $1,250.00