Biotech Equipment Sales, Inc., is based in the Birthplace of Biotech and dedicated to bringing high quality pre-owned laboratory instrumentation to our scientific community.

BES has these recent model, well-taken-care-of instruments for sale at our South San Francisco showroom. Most items come with our standard 90-day warranty. Extended warranties are available. Select a category to browse and let us know what interests you.


Eberbach Con-Torque Tissue Homogenizer

Eberbach Model 7265 ConTorque Tissue Homogenizer power unit ...

Sales price: $800.00

Fisher Heat Block

This dry bath incubator features low and high temperature ...

Sales price: $150.00

IKA Matrix Thermomixer Orbital Delta F1.5

Speeds of up to 1,500 rpm and shaker diameter of 3 mm.

Sales price: $1,750.00

Lab-Line 4625 Titer Plate Shaker

Lab-Line 4625 Titer Plate Shaker holds up to 4 plates and ...

Sales price: $450.00

New Brunswick Innova 2000 Platform Shaker

For shaking in ambient conditions: on the bench, in an ...

Sales price: $1,050.00

New Brunswick Innova 2100 Platform Shaker

New Brunswick Scientific Innova 2100 Platform Shaker

Sales price: $1,800.00

Parr 3911 EG Hydrogenation Apparatus

With explosion-proof motor.

Sales price: $1,750.00

Perkin Elmer OmniPrep 96 Automated Homogenizer with Tablet

Variable speed from 500 – 28,000 rpm

Sales price: $63,995.00

Qiagen TissueLyserII

with 24 place adaptors.

Sales price: $6,500.00

Robins Scientific TruTemp Heat Block

The Hybex heating unit has a choice of inserts and can be ...

Sales price: $150.00

Seward Stomacher 3500

Paddle blender with up to 3500ml capacity.

Sales price: $3,450.00

Seward Stomacher 400

Improved organism recovery with the patented curved shape ...

Sales price: $1,900.00

Seward Stomacher 400 Circulator

Range: 80 to 400mL; Timer configuration: 1s to 99min, 59s

Sales price: $3,150.00

Thermo MaxQ 2000 Digital Orbital Shaker

Operates in temperature ranges of 4 to 40C.

Sales price: $1,150.00

Thermo MaxQ 2508 Benchtop Orbital Shaker

Speed can be set from 40rpm to 400 rpm.

Sales price: $950.00

Thermo Scientific MaxQ 2000 CO2 Digital Shaker

Small footprint. Variable speed control from 15 - 500 rpm

Sales price: $1,650.00

Thermo Scientific Pyro-Multi-Magnestir

These Thermo Scientific Barnstead/Lab-Line ...

Sales price: $800.00

ThermoScientific 4 Point Magnetic Stirrer

Thermo Scientific Stirrer Magnetic 4 Points Biosystem 4 ...

Sales price: $1,000.00

Virtis VirSonic 100 Cell Disruptor

With fine-tip probe.

Sales price: $1,350.00

Virtis VirSonic 600 Cell Disruptor

With fine-tip probe.

Sales price: $1,500.00

VWR DMS 2500 Microplate Shaker

VWR DMS 2500, high speed microplate shaker. Holds up to six ...

Sales price: $1,500.00

VWR Mini Stirrer Blu

VWR Mini Stirrer Blu Round Stir Plate

Sales price: $100.00

VWR Standard Heat Block

These units are perfect for incubation and activation of ...

Sales price: $250.00