BioTek 405LSRS Microplate Washer

The BioTek 405 LS RS Microplate Washer is the fifth generation BioTek washer and can be used for washing protocols ranging from gentle cell washing to vigorous ELISAs. The 405 LS RS has a simple user interface for creation and execution of wash, dispense, aspirate and maintenance protocols within the extensive onboard software. New functionality, such as built-in automated buffer switching and “quick-change” manifold designs, offer ease of use. The unique patent-pending Ultrasonic Advantage option eliminates the number one cause of assay failure - clogged manifold tubes. Valuable time is saved with this automated maintenance capability.
Model: 405 LSRS
Automates basic dispensing and aspiration
Accommodates 96-well microplates
Low profile, standard height, and deep well plates
Built in ultrasonic cleaner
Precision<3% CV: 300 μL/well (96-well washing); <4% CV: 80 μL/well (384-well washing)
Plate Type: 96- and 384-well; Low profile and standard height; Solid and filter bottom (filter pore sizes 0.45 to 1.2 μm) plates
Washing Speed: 96-wells: 300 μL/well, 3 cycles: <30 s; 384-wells: 100 μL/well, 3 cycles: <80 s; 384-wells: 400 μL/well, 1 cycle: <20 s
Type: Microplate Washer
Wash Cycles: 1 to 250
Humidity: 10 to 85%, noncondensing
Includes: Ultrasonic Advantage; 96-well microplate washing
Width (Metric): 35.6 cm
Height (Metric): 25.4 cm
Depth (Metric): 43.2 cm
Voltage: 100/240 V
Bottles: Optional (4 or 10 L)
Dispense Volume: 25 to 3000 μL/well
Residual Volume: <2 μL/well (96- & 384-well plates); 96-tube manifold for 96 wells; 192-tube for 384 wells
Soak Time: Programmable in minutes and seconds, up to 60 min.
Weight (Metric): With internal buffer switching - 16.5 kg; Without - 13.5 kg
Flow Rate: High to Low Flow; Optimized rates for cell assays
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Increments: 1 μL
Comes with our 90-day warranty.

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