BioTek Select 405 LSUVS Microplate Washer

Dispense Volume: 25 to 3000 μL/well

Washing protocols range from gentle cell washing to vigorous ELISA workflows. The 405 LS has a simple user interface for creation and execution of wash, dispense, aspirate, and maintenance protocols within the extensive onboard software.

Model: 405LSUVS


Precision: <3% CV: 300 μL/well (96-well washing); <4% CV: 80 μL/well (384-well washing)
Plate Type: 96- and 384-well; Low profile and standard height; Solid and filter bottom (filter pore sizes 0.45 to 1.2 μm) plates
Washing Speed: 96-wells: 300 μL/well, 3 cycles: <30 s; 384-wells: 100 μL/well, 3 cycles: <80 s; 384-wells: 400 μL/well, 1 cycle: <20 s
Type: Microplate Washer
Wash Cycles: 1 to 250
Humidity: 10 to 85%, noncondensing
Includes: Automated Internal 4-Buffer Switching; Ultrasonic Advantage; 96-/384-well microplate washing
Width (Metric): 35.6 cm
Height (Metric): 25.4 cm
Depth (Metric): 43.2 cm
Voltage: 100/240 V
Bottles: Optional (4 or 10 L)
Dispense Volume: 25 to 3000 μL/well
Residual Volume: <2 μL/well (96- & 384-well plates); 96-tube manifold for 96 wells; 192-tube for 384 wells
Soak Time: Programmable in minutes and seconds, up to 60 min.
Weight (Metric): With internal buffer switching - 16.5 kg; Without - 13.5 kg
Flow Rate: High to Low Flow; Optimized rates for cell assays
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Increments: 1 μL
Comes with our 90-day warranty.

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