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BES has these recent model, well-taken-care-of instruments for sale at our South San Francisco showroom. Most items come with our standard 90-day warranty. Extended warranties are available. Select a category to browse and let us know what interests you.

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Sales price: $26,000.00
Sales price: $13,000.00

Eppendorf 5810 Centrifuge w A-2-DWP-AT rotor

High capacity benchtop centrifuge.

Sales price: $4,950.00

Thermo Heraeus Multifuge X3F

Max RCF: 25314 x g; Max Speed: 15200 rpm

Sales price: $5,250.00

Thermo Shandon Cytospin 4

Thermo Shandon Cytospin 4 Cytocentrifuge w/rotor

Sales price: $7,500.00

Beckman Coulter Allegra X-14R Centrifuge

The included rotor reaches a maximum speed of 4,300 RPM

Sales price: $8,500.00

Ohaus Frontier 5513 Centrifuge

Benchtop Micro-centrifuge

Sales price: $1,250.00

Beckman Coulter Optima XPN-90 Ultracentrifuge

694,000 x g; Set temperature range: 0 to 40 C in 1-degree ...

Sales price: $27,500.00

Eppendorf 5425 Centrifuge

With 24-place rotor.

Sales price: $1,950.00

Eppendorf 5425 Centrifuge

With 24-place rotor. Rotary dials.

Sales price: $1,950.00

Eppendorf Centrifuge 5810R

15 amp version. Temperature range from -9 °C to 40 °C

Sales price: $5,500.00
Sales price: $19,750.00

Eppendorf 5920R Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge w/ S-4xUniversal-Large Rotor

13,700 rpm maximum speed, 21194xg maximum g-force, 4x1000mL ...

Sales price: $13,500.00

Eppendorf 5910Ri Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge w/ S-4xUniversal Rotor

14,000 rpm maximum speed, 22132xg maximum g-force, 4x1000mL ...

Sales price: $11,400.00

Invitrogen ZOOM Dual Power Supply

The ZOOM® Dual Power is a microprocessor-controlled ...

Sales price: $1,350.00

Novex XCell SureLock Mini-Cell Electrophoresis System

The XCell line of mini-cells has always distinguished ...

Sales price: $200.00

AccuPower Model 500 Electrophoresis Power Supply

Model: AccuPower 500 Catalog #: 13272-264 Input: ...

Sales price: $300.00

Amaxa Nuceofector 1

For delivery of the DNA of interest straight into the ...

Sales price: $2,850.00

Bio-Rad GelDoc XR+ Gel Photo Documentation System

For fast and easy quantitation of a variety of nucleic acid ...

Sales price: $8,450.00

ThermoSavant RVT4104 Refrigerated Vapor Trap

This -104C SpeedVac trap Effectively condenses and traps a ...

Sales price: $2,750.00

Savant DNA110 DNA SpeedVac

Are you simply drying down DNA / RNA samples in small ...

Sales price: $1,650.00

Savant SpeedVac Plus SC210A

With four-place titer plate rotor

Sales price: $2,250.00

Thermo Savant SC250EXP

Thermo Scientific Savant SC250EXP large-capacity benchtop ...

Sales price: $5,500.00

Yamato RE-301 Rotary Evaporator NEW IN BOX!!

* Motorized lift * Feedback control motor * ...

Sales price: $1,350.00

Caliper Life Sciences TurboVap LV Concentration Workstation

Automated alternative to rotary and vacuum-style ...

Sales price: $3,750.00

Thermo Fisher SPD1010 Integrated SpeedVac System, SPD1010-115

Dry and concentrate aqueous or non-aggressive samples with ...

Sales price: $5,750.00

Genovac EZ2 Elite Personal Evaporator (Not HCI Compatible)

Personal evaporator; non-HCl compatible

Sales price: $12,500.00

Thermo Savant RVT400 Refrigerating Vapor Trap

-55C operating temp; 5L trap capacity

Sales price: $1,250.00
Sales price: $8,750.00