Lancer 815LX Dishwasher

Freestanding dishwasher.
280V, 3 phase. With two racks, as pictured. Undercounter unit, with plinth below to become freestanding.
Hot, forced air chamber drying
Efficient direct injection cleaning
Flexibility with two independent wash levels and interchangeable racks
Dosing by two peristaltic pumps
High grade stainless steel clad on all sides for stand alone applications
With plinth that raises the loading level of the 815 LX Glassware Washer by 20 inches (500 mm) and allows for storage of two cleaning chemical containers or rack accessories under the chamber.

Washer Height: 845 mm / 33.25 in
Washer Width: 600 mm / 23.62 in
Washer Depth: 737 mm / 29 in
Chamber Height:  508 mm / 20 in
Chamber Width: 535 mm / 21 in
Chamber Depth:  510 mm / 20 in
Drying:Hot, forced air drying system
Total electrical power: 7 kw
Net weight: 85 kg / 188 lbs
Loading Height: 250 mm / 10 in
Water Consumption:12 L / 3.1 gal - per fill
Heat Loss: 2,380 Btu/600 Kcal/h
Sound Level: Steam Condenser: Standard

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