Perkin Elmer Victor X4 Multilabel Microplate Reader for TRF

Version 2030-0040 Time-Resolved Fluorometry model

Version 2030-0040 Time-Resolved Fluorometry model, capable of fluorometry (top and bottom reading), luminometry (flash and glow), photometry (UV and Visible), time-resolved fluorometry, and LANCE, installed hardware options include temperature control, adjustable beam size, counting from below, and UV absorbance, comes with a Windows 10 computer with 2030 Workstation Manager v.4 installed, monitor, keyboard and mouse, 110-120V/220-240V, 50/60Hz. Standard excitation and emission default filter sets (A) are included which covers absorbance at 405nm, 450nm, and 490nm and fluorescence at 355/460nm (umbelliferone) and 485/535nm (fluorescein). Custom filter/s can be modified depending on assay requirements.

Comes with our 90-day warranty.

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