Agilent 1100 Series HPLC

Agilent 1100 Series HPLC

This Agilent 1100 is a complete HPLC system with Binary pump, Diode Array Detector, Degasser with solvent tray, Column Compartment, including PC (not pictured)  & licensed ChemStation software.

Note: other HPLC module combinations available (Capillary Pump, Multiple Wavelength Detector, Thermostated Column Compartment, see other listings for individual modules)

ALS Autosampler G1329A specifications -

Type Specification
GLP features Early maintenance feedback (EMF), electronic records of maintenance and errors
Communications Controller-area network (CAN). GPIB (IEEE-448), RS232C, APG-remote standard, optional four external contact closures and BCD vial number output
Safety features Leak detection and safe leak handling, low voltages in maintenance areas, error detection and display
Injection range

0.1 – 100 µl in 0.1 µl increments Up to 1500 µl with multiple draw (hardware modification


Replicate injections 1 – 99 from one vial
Precision Typically < 0.5 % RSD of peak areas from 5 – 100 µl, Typically < 1 % RSD of peak areas from 1 – 5 µl
Minimum sample volume 1 µl from 5 µl sample in 100 µl microvial, or 1 µl from 10 µl sample in 300 µl microvial
Carryover Typically < 0.1 %, < 0.05 % with external needle cleaning
Sample viscosity range 0.2 – 50 cp
Replicate injections per vial 1 – 99
Sample capacity

100 × 2-ml vials in 1 tray

40 × 2-ml vials in ½ tray

15 × 6-ml vials in ½ tray (Agilent vials only)

Injection cycle time Typically 50 s depending on draw speed and injection volume


Diode Array Detector G1315B Features:


Access the spectral domain with superior 3D optics-simultaneous illumination using combined deuterium and tungsten lamps for highest intensity and lowest detection limit from 190 to 950 nm, 1024 diodes and 1-nm slit for highest spectral resolution. 
Programmable slit helps you explore the spectral landscape for faster sample characterization-focus on fine bands with narrow setting, or if higher sensitivity is required open up the programmable slit for more light throughput. A broad slit ensures lowest baseline noise and highest chromatographic signal-to-noise. Store and report slit settings, from 1 - 16 nm, together with your raw data for GLP traceability. 
Spectral storage and flexible viewing -easily overlaid spectra within a run or between runs. 
Verify wavelength accuracy for GLP compliance-automatic holmium oxide filter (which can be set at the beginning of your chromatography) verifies that your wavelength is indeed what the setpoint says it is.


Degasser G1379A Specifications - 

Type Specification
Maximum flow rate 10 ml/min per channel
5-10 ml/min per at reduced degassing performance
Number of channels 4
Internal volume per channel Typically 12 ml per channel
Materials in contact with solvent PTFE, PEEK


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