Thermo Scientific CryoPlus 3

Capacity up to 13,000 2.0 mL vials.
The ideal combination of liquid nitrogen, storage reliability and microprocessor technology, the CryoPlus 3 LN2 Storage system provides precise and accurate control over parameters without complicated programming.
LN2 capacity (liters): 340 
Static evaporation rate (liters/day)*: 8 
Static Holding Time (days): 42.5
Exterior Height: 41.0" (104.1 cm) 
Exterior W x D: 34.5"W x 41.5" F-B** (87.6 cm x 105.4 cm)
Usable Interior Height: 27.5" (69.9 cm) 
Usable Interior Diameter:  31.0" (78.7 cm)
Electrical: 100 - 120 VAC, 1 PH, 50/60 Hz, 0.8 FLA (Operating Range 90-132V)
Utility Connections: 1/2" 45° Flare ; 6-foot hose 
Weight Empty: 416.0 lbs. (188.7 kg)
Weight Full: 1021.0 lbs.(463.1 kg)
Shipping Weight: 540.0 lbs. (244.9 kg)
Continuing research and improvements may result in specification changes at any time. 
* Static evaporation rates are based on new container performance, no product load, styrofoam plug/lid, and no lid openings. Actual working performance may vary with individual applications, ambient conditions, and/or scale accuracy; excludes supply tank evaporation. 
** Add 5.0" (12.7 cm) for utilities and lid opening 

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