aapptec Sharpfreeze 350 Freeze Dryer

8-place, 15" vacuum chamber; 220V
Sales price $15,000.00
The Buchi R-220 rotary evaporator_close1
No coil
Automatic defrosting
Built-in second trap to prevent damage to the pump
Faster freeze drying
Freeze dry even acidic samples without damage
Process larger volume of samples in a day
On wheels for mobility
Flexible laboratory freeze dryer for peptides, proteins, nucleotides, PNAs and DNAs. It is easy to control through an electronic control panel on the front of the instrument. The 350 model is used for -55 ˚C temperature. Suitable for lyophilizing HPLC fractions containing acetonitrile or organic solvents. 
Comes with our 90-day warranty.


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