Beckman GH 3.8A Horizontal Rotor

The Beckman GH-3.8A Swinging Bucket Rotor is an unshielded four-place rotor with a stainless-steel rotor yoke.
For use with the Allegra® 6 centrifuges. Features Automatic Rotor Imbalance Equilibrium System (ARIES™) technology. This rotor is designed to spin a wide range of vessels from 1.5mL tubes to 750mL bottles. Sturdy stainless steel construction with free-swinging aluminum buckets. Exclusive Smart Balance system identifies and corrects for imbalance conditions of ±50 grams. Accommodates maximum tube/bottle length: 120mm. Maximum speed of 3750rpm. Maximum RCF of 3200g.
All adapters compatible with the GH-3.8 rotor are compatible with the GH-3.8A.

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