Beckman GH 3.8 Swinging Bucket Rotor

Sturdy stainless steel yoke construction with free-swinging aluminum buckets. Individual clear polycarbonate bucket covers provide protection from tube breakage yet allow for observation. Maximum speed of 3750rpm. Maximum RCF of 3200g.

Unshielded, four-place rotor with stainless-steel rotor yoke and removable aluminum swinging buckets. Buckets are interchangeable with MicroPlus multiwell plate carriers Part Number 362394 for spinning microtiter plates or microfuge tubes using rack inserts.

Major applications: Rapidly sediments protein precipitates, large particles, cells, and cell debris. Can also be used for binding studies and for separating serum from whole blood.

For use in Allegra® 6 Series Centrifuges and discontinued GS-6 Series Centrifuges.

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