Fierce Biotech

  1. Novartis’ fevipiprant has failed another pair of phase 3 clinical trials, prompting the Swiss pharma to halt further development of the DP2 antagonist in asthma. The setback means Amgen, AstraZeneca and Novartis have now targeted DP2 without success, raising doubts about whether Gossamer Bio will fare better when it delivers data next year.
  2. Early data out of former Fierce 15 winner Gritstone Oncology have been heralded as a big win for the early-stage biotech by analysts.
  3. Amid all the talk about aducanumab and whether it can be approved in Alzheimer’s disease next year in a classic phoenix from the flames tail, Biogen has served up another trial flop.
  4. Anixa Biosciences has delayed a planned IND filing by 12 months to buy time to improve its CAR-T candidate. The delay will enable Anixa to perform additional genetic engineering intended to boost the efficacy of the treatment in ovarian cancer.
  5. A thumping election win for the Conservative Party has positioned the U.K. to push ahead with plans to leave the EU. The new parliamentary arithmetic gives Boris Johnson the numbers to pass the withdrawal agreement and take the U.K. out of the EU, although what will happen after that remains a mystery.