Fierce Biotech

  1. SAN FRANCISCO—Oncology is clearly a major medical and societal issue: a major killer that, while predominately affecting the older population, can strike the young through a mixture of environmental factors or a genetic lottery. It’s no wonder we struggle to even call it by its name, preferring just the "big C."
  2. A FDA advisory committee has issued an evenly split decision on Durect’s extended-release formulation of bupivacaine. Durect’s share price fell 12% after half of the panel of painkiller experts recommended against approving Posimir on the basis of the available evidence.
  3. China-based cancer and autoimmune disease biotech I-Mab Biopharma has raised $104 million on the U.S. Nasdaq composite.
  4. Frazier Healthcare Partners has closed a $617 million life sciences fund, setting it up to place another set of bets spanning from company creation through public investments. Two-thirds of Frazier Life Sciences X will go into seed and series A rounds. 
  5. Pfizer has entered into a research collaboration with Insilico Medicine. The partners will use Insilico’s technology to identify real-world evidence for drug targets in multiple therapeutic areas.