Biotech Equipment Sales, Inc., is based in the Birthplace of Biotech and dedicated to bringing high quality pre-owned laboratory instrumentation to our scientific community.

BES has these recent model, well-taken-care-of instruments for sale at our South San Francisco showroom. Most items come with our standard 90-day warranty. Extended warranties are available. Select a category to browse and let us know what interests you.

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Welch DuoSeal 1400 Vacuum Pump

SOLD DuoSeal high vacuum pumps are effective for drying ...

Sales price: $825.00

Welch GelMaster Gel Dryer Vacuum System

A room temperature vapor pump condenses the hot vapors from ...

Sales price: $1,250.00

Wheaton R2P Roller Bottle Rack

R2PRoller Utilize from research to production ...

Sales price: $3,500.00

Yamato RE-301 Rotary Evaporator NEW IN BOX!!

* Motorized lift * Feedback control motor * ...

Sales price: $1,350.00

Yamato RE-71 Large-Scale Rotary Evaporator

10-127 rpm, 0-127 rpm revolution setting range, ambient ...

Sales price: $6,250.00

Yamato SM200 Autoclave

20L; Sterilization: 105 to 123deg.C

Sales price: $3,200.00

Yamato SM300 Autoclave

32L; 105-123C temp range

Sales price: $3,500.00

Zeiss Axiovert 25 CFL Inverted

Zeiss Axiovert 25 CFL Inverted Fluorescent Microscope for ...

Sales price: $6,500.00

Zymark TurboVap LV Evaporator

SOLD The Zymark TurboVap LV Concentration Evaporator, P/N ...

Sales price: $2,800.00