VWR CryoPro Ultralow Freezer -86C

24 cu ft. capacity; temperature range -50C to -86C
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With 5 insulated inner doors.


Model Number: CP-2586-230V 
Temperature Range:  -50C to -86C 
Inventory capacity: 30 racks 
Box capacity (2”/3”): 480 / 360 
Dimensions exterior (HWD) inches: 78.5 x 49 x 36.3 
Dimensions interior (HWD) inches: 50 x 34.8 x 23 
Required area: 15.94 ft
Inner doors: 5 insulated 
Security Key: lockable door.  Passcode protectable control 
Refrigeration: - CFC free ½ HP x 1/2 HP cascade
Insulation: 5.5” to 6” FIP urethane 
Door gasket : 3-point sealing 
BTU rejection:  2580 
Shipping weight: 855
Performance Average stability: 2ᵒC 
Average uniformity: ±4.5ᵒC 
Reserve capacity: 300 Btu/h @ 25ᵒ 
Warm-up time:  -80ᵒC to -50ᵒC: in 5 hours -80ᵒC to 0°C in 12 hours 
Sound pressure level: 55 to 65 dB A scale @ 5 feet, depending on location and testing 
Average energy consumption: 18 kW Hour/day 
Electrical 1: 230V 60Hz 
Breaker requirement:15 amps dedicated 
Plug: NEMA 6-15

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