Barnstead/Thermolyne 48000 Furnace Model F48025

1093°C; 7x5x10" chamber. Single set-point model with OTP.
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Designed for ashing organic and inorganic samples, determining volatile and suspended solids, gravi-metric analysis, heat treating of small steel parts, and ignition tests.

The single setpoint model w/ OTP furnace controller is a single setpoint controller which provides a single digital display to indicate the current chamber temperature or setpoint temperature. This temperature controller features sensor break protection, self-tuning capability and over temperature protection (OTP) with an additional OTP relay device.

  • Reliable digital control ensures accurate temperature control. 
  • Ceramic fiber insulation permits faster heat-up time while reducing energy consumption. 
  • Custom-formed refractory cement envelops the heating elements reducing the penetration of contaminants, extending the longevity of the heating elements. 
  • Insulated door with a convenient latching handle forms a useful shelf when open. 
  • Door safety switch protects operator by removing power to the heating elements upon opening the door. 
Dimensions in Inches (cm): 
Chamber: 7 (17.8) W x 5 (12.7) H x 10 (25.4) D Overall: 13.25 (33.7) W x 19 (48.3) H x 19.5 (49.5) D
Electrical: 12v; 15A; 1800W; 50/60Hz; Phase 1
Temperature: Operating Range: 2000°F (1093°C) continuous 2192°F (1200°C) intermittent

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