Biotech Equipment Sales, Inc., is based in the Birthplace of Biotech and dedicated to bringing high quality pre-owned laboratory instrumentation to our scientific community.

BES has these recent model, well-taken-care-of instruments for sale at our South San Francisco showroom. Most items come with our standard 90-day warranty. Extended warranties are available. Select a category to browse and let us know what interests you.


Too late! We just sold these fine, lightly used instruments. But if you see something you would have liked, please contact us, and we'll search our network for you.

Recently Sold

VWR (Sheldon) 1575R Refrigerated Shaking Incubator

VWR Scientific (Sheldon) 1575R Refrigerated Shaking ...

Sales price: $3,200.00

VWR 1150S Refrigerated/Heating Bath

SOLD VWR 1150S Refrigerated/Heating Circular Bath with ...

Sales price: $1,700.00

VWR 1160S Chiller

Ideal for direct immersion of samples or circulating ...

Sales price: $1,200.00

VWR 1171MD Recirculating Chiller

Positive displacement pump model, allows adjustable ...

Sales price: $1,350.00

VWR 1415 Vacuum Oven

VWR 1415 Signature microprocessor-controlled vacuum oven, ...

Sales price: $1,350.00

VWR 1415M Vacuum Oven

VWR 1415M vacuum oven, 0.6 cu.ft., microprocessor controlled

Sales price: $1,150.00

VWR 1500E Benchtop Incubator

The VWR 1500E Incubator 1 cubic foot incubator has a ...

Sales price: $325.00

VWR 1525 Incubator

The VWR 1525 Digital Benchtop Incubator combines ...

Sales price: $450.00

VWR 1585 Floor Model Shaker NEW IN BOX!

Floor shaking incubators feature a unique, adjustable ...

Sales price: $5,400.00

VWR 1680 High-Performance Oven

NEW VWR 1680 High-Performance Mechanical Oven, 14.6 cu/ft, ...

Sales price: $8,500.00

VWR 1927

VWR 1927 40 cu/ft CO2 incubator w/Wheaton 11-tiered roller ...

Sales price: $8,650.00

VWR 250V Power Source Electrophoresis Power Supply

For a wide range of applications including DNA, RNA, and ...

Sales price: $350.00

VWR 5000i Incubator/Shaker

SOLD Shaker offers a diverse combination of advanced ...

Sales price: $3,250.00

VWR 5463

VWR 5463 Standard series upright ultralow -80 freezer, 23 ...

Sales price: $4,000.00

VWR 5604

VWR Signature™ Ultra-Low Temperature Upright -80 freezer, ...

Sales price: $6,500.00

VWR 5706

This -80 upright ultralow freezer is 23 cu/ft, 230V and ...

Sales price: $5,500.00

VWR 9000L Relative Humidity Chamber

VWR 9000L Relative Humidity Chamber, refrigerating, 5.5 ...

Sales price: $6,250.00


VWR AS12 benchtop microprocessor controlled autoclave. ...

Sales price: $3,250.00

VWR Boekel Hybridization Oven

VWR Boekel Hybridization Oven Model 5420

Sales price: $600.00

VWR Cryo Pro AF-1-PS

Large capacity, auto-fill system, easy-to-use interface, ...

Sales price: $8,500.00

VWR CryoPro Ultralow Freezer -86C

24 cu ft. capacity; temperature range -50C to -86C

Sales price: $6,250.00

VWR Digital Heat Block

These units are ideal for incubation and activation of ...

Sales price: $200.00

VWR DS-500 Digital Orbital Shaker

• Speed from 25 to 500 rpm, 19mm (3/4") circular orbit • ...

Sales price: $750.00

VWR Explosion Proof Freezer Model: U2004XA15

SOLD VWR Explosion Proof Freezer Model No.U2004XA15

Sales price: $750.00

VWR GDM-47 Chromatography Refrigerator

Chromatography refrigerators feature self-closing, ...

Sales price: $2,850.00

VWR GDM-47 Chromatography Refrigerator

Oversized, Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Systems Self ...

Sales price: $2,800.00

VWR MiniVortexer

Designed for gentle shaking or vigorous vortexing of ...

VWR Model 1226 Water Bath w/Stainless Lid

SOLD VWR Model 1226 Water Bath w/Stainless Lid

Sales price: $350.00

VWR Model 1228 Water Bath

SOLD VWR Model 1228 Water Bath w/stainless lid

Sales price: $450.00

VWR Model 1235 Waterbath

Ideal for wide variety of routine applications, designed ...

Sales price: $300.00

VWR Model 1245 Water Bath

32"x18"x16" lxwxh 30 lbs Volts: 120 AMPS: ...

Sales price: $400.00

VWR Model 1305U Gravity Convection Oven

VWR Sheldon Manufacturing 1305U Gravity Convection Utility ...

Sales price: $300.00

VWR Model 1370GM Oven

4.8 Cu.Ft. (136 L); 40°C to 240°C; digital timer.

Sales price: $950.00

VWR Precision 260 Circulating Water Bath

SOLD Constructed to meet the needs of high-performance ...

Sales price: $600.00

VWR R421FA14 Flammable Materials Freezer

Flammable Materials 21 cubic foot capacity -20 C ...

Sales price: $1,200.00


20 Cubic foot capacity -20C temperature freezer.

Sales price: $1,000.00

VWR Scientific 1570 Shaker

Shaking incubators provide the features and performance ...

Sales price: $2,500.00

VWR Scientific Model 2005 Refrigerated Incubator

SOLD VWR Refrigerated Incubator Model No. 2005

Sales price: $700.00

VWR Scientific VWRbrand Orbital Shaker

Micro-processor controlled unit with LED displays for speed ...

Sales price: $600.00
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