BES sells all equipment with a 90 day warranty which you can find on our web page. On most equipment, Service Contracts are available. These can be combined with your purchase at the time of purchase. Purchase of a Service Contract may delay shipping as factory-trained technicians (as available) will comprehensively refresh your new instrument before shipment!  Some certified pre-owned instruments have already been refreshed and are only available with one year of coverage.

The BiotechEquipmentSales customer is the most important link in our chain. We buy Biotech Equipment every day ourselves, so we know all the shenanigans which other sources engage in. We receive broken, out of spec instruments every day, and spend thousands of dollars repairing equipment which was supposedly "working fine".

It's why we say there is "No BS at BES".

Got a question ? With many members, the BES member pages are a great resource for both new and experienced Laboratory Users and Lab Managers. Ask your toughest questions-- the community has answers.

We know our users are involved in important and critical work-- our job is to support you.


Biotech Equipment Sales, Inc. 90-day Warranty

Biotech Equipment Sales, Inc. (BES) hereby warranties each item and all parts excluding consumables, to be fully functional for a 90-day period. If any item becomes non-functional within 90 days of delivery, then the item may be returned for repair or replacement. A full refund of the purchase price will be issued if BES decides that the other two options are not viable. BES is not responsible for any consumables of any kind whether provided or not in the original sale.

All warranty claims are subject to BES approval. BES will not repair or replace any items within the warranty period in cases of abuse, damage, shipping damage, return shipping damage, misuse or lack of user knowledge. All items are shipped FOB South San Francisco, CA or other origin, and customer is responsible for pursuing shipping claims whether shipping is arranged by BES or customer.

This warranty shall be the sole remedy of the purchaser with BES. BES will not be responsible for any liability beyond the repair/replacement/refund options stated, including contingent liability. Customer is solely responsible for obtaining complete documentation, instructions and training before use. In some cases some of this information may be available from BES, but BES does not warrant that information provided is complete. Some surfaces are hot, some voltages are high and some other hazards may be present. Customer is solely responsible for obtaining and observing this information.

BES does not take responsibility for the suitability of the equipment to fit a particular application. The customer's configuration requirements are their sole responsibility. BES will attempt to assist the customer in product selection but BES is not liable for improper product selection unless specifically stated otherwise on the invoice or product quotation. Unsuitability for purpose is not a reason for return after purchase.

BES may occasionally offer warranties with different time periods greater or less than 90 days. In these cases all other warranty terms above still apply. International sales warranties may differ from terms above and must be negotiated in advance of order.

Biotech Equipment Sales, 226 Miller Avenue, South San Francisco, CA 94080 tel: 650-871-5707 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.