Biotech Equipment Sales, Inc., is based in the Birthplace of Biotech and dedicated to bringing high quality pre-owned laboratory instrumentation to our scientific community.

BES has these recent model, well-taken-care-of instruments for sale at our South San Francisco showroom. Most items come with our standard 90-day warranty. Extended warranties are available. Select a category to browse and let us know what interests you.

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Hewlett-Packard G1312A 1100 Series Binary Pump

This Hewlett-Packard G1312A 1100 Series Binary HPLC Pump ...

Sales price: $4,950.00

Hewlett-Packard G1316A 1100 Series ColComp

This Hewlett-Packard G1316A 1100 Series ColComp has been ...

Sales price: $1,800.00

Hewlett-Packard G1330A 1100 Series ALS Therm

This Hewlett-Packard G1330A 1100 Series ALS Therm has been ...

Sales price: $2,000.00

Hirayama HA-300MD Autoclave *New-In-Box*

Hirayama HA-300MD Autoclave

Sales price: $8,500.00

Hirayama HV-110

Hirayama HV-110 toploading autoclave

Sales price: $7,650.00

Hirayama HV-85 Autoclave Sterilizer

Portable, Top-loading Autoclaves With Advanced Safety and ...

Sales price: $6,500.00

Hirayama HVE-50 Autoclave

HVE-50 size: 50 liters, 11.8″ D, 28.0″H.

Sales price: $5,750.00

Hoshizaki F450MAH

Hoshizaki F450MAH ice flaker produces 475 lbs of ice a day

Sales price: $1,775.00

Hotpack Flammable refrigerator

Hotpack single door flammable materials storage refrigerator

Sales price: $1,200.00

Huber Ministat 230 Circulating Chiller

Refrigerated Heating Circulator Bath with air-cooled ...

Sales price: $1,750.00

Huber Polystat cc2-k6 Circulating Chiller

The K6-models are compact cooling-heating bath thermostats ...

Sales price: $1,450.00

IEC Centra CL 2

Compact, simple and economical benchtop centrifuge for ...

Sales price: $1,200.00

IEC Centra CL3 Centrifuge

IEC Centra CL3 Centrifuge (Rotor not included)

Sales price: $1,900.00

IEC Micromax RF

IEC Micromax RF refrigerated digital microprocessor ...

Sales price: $1,650.00

IKA Colorsquid Magnetic Stirrer

SOLD IKA Color Squid Magnetic Stirrer

Sales price: $100.00

IKA KS 260 'Control' Shaker

SOLD IKA KS260 'Control' Shaker (reconditioned)

Sales price: $950.00

IKA RW16 Stirrer

SOLD Laboratory stirrer for simple stirring tasks of up to ...

Sales price: $400.00
Sales price: $12,500.00
Sales price: $39,500.00

Infors MultitronTriplestack

Incubator shaker w/humidity, CO2, and 25mm orbit.

Sales price: $28,500.00

Inotech Steri 350

Sterilize small metal and glass implements in ...

Invitrogen ZOOM Dual Power Supply

The ZOOM® Dual Power is a microprocessor-controlled ...

Sales price: $1,350.00

Jouan CR4.22 Centrifuge w/4-place swinging plate rotor

SOLD Jouan CR4.22 w/4-place swinging plate rotor

Sales price: $1,500.00

Julabo F32-MW Bath

SOLD JULABO Refrigerated and Heating Circulators are ...

Sales price: $1,600.00

Julabo Recirculating Chiller FL300

With Immersion Bath accessory.

Sales price: $2,850.00

KD Scientific Model 210

KD Scientific Modle 210 infusion/withdrawal dual syringe ...

Sales price: $1,650.00

Kelvinator Flammable Refrigerator

SOLD Kelvinator Scientemp double-door flammable storage ...

Sales price: $1,800.00

Keyence Fluorescence BZ-X710 Microscope

All-in-one Fluorescence Microscope

Sales price: $33,500.00

KnF Neuberger N860.3 FT.40.18

SOLD 60 Litres per Minute 1.5 Torr 15 psig

Sales price: $1,300.00
Sales price: $1,350.00

KnF Neuberger UN726.1.2 FTP

SOLD You'll never have to worry about proper disposal of ...

Sales price: $550.00

KOMPspin KAL-40.100, 40,000rpm, carbon fiber rotor

KOMPspin KAL-40.100 Carbon fiber rotor, 40,000rpm, used in ...

Sales price: $500.00

Kuhner ISF-4-W Large Capacity Incubator Shaker

The Climo Shaker (model ISF-4-V) is a floor model ...

Sales price: $19,500.00

Lab Products Stay-Clean

Lab Products Stay-Clean 4' Laminar Flow workbench

Sales price: $1,650.00

Lab Products Stay-Clean

Lab Products Stay-Clean 6' Laminar Flow workbench

Sales price: $1,950.00

Lab-Line 3525 Incubator/Shaker NEW IN CRATE!

SOLD Provides uniform shaking motion in a ...

Sales price: $4,200.00

Lab-Line 3527 Orbit Environ Shaker

Lab-Line’s Model 3527, Bench Top Environ Shaker combines a ...

Sales price: $800.00

Lab-Line 4625 Titer Plate Shaker

Lab-Line 4625 Titer Plate Shaker holds up to 4 plates and ...

Sales price: $450.00
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