VWR DMS 2500 Microplate Shaker

VWR DMS 2500, high speed microplate shaker. Holds up to six microplates, digital speed control 600-2500 RPM, with timer.
VWR DMS 2500 Microplate Shaker
Sales price $1,500.00

  • Holds Up to Six Microplates without Double-Stacking
  • Designed to Shake Microplates Up to 12.7 cm (5") High
  • Programmable Digital Speed Control from 600 to 2500 rpm
  • Programmable Digital Timer from 1 to 9999 Seconds (166 Minutes)
  • Programmable “Pulsing” Feature to Enhance Mixing Action
  • VWR Two-Year Limited Warranty on Parts and Labor


Ideal for molecular biology applications, mechanical and chemical cell lysis, mixing tissue samples, mixing cytogenetic suspensions, and vortexing cell suspensions. Shaker is also ideal for emulsification of bipolar viscous fluids and for mixing fluids in small diameter tubes. Specifically designed to shake and/or vortex microplates in timed or continuous modes. Shaker features programmable speed from 600 to 2500rpm (±25rpm), and programmable timed mode from 1 to 9999 seconds (166 minutes). Speed and time are easily adjusted with the up/down arrows on the front panel. Length of time is displayed for continuous mode, and time remaining is displayed for timed mode.


The 28Wx35.6Dcm (11x14") tray assembly includes a foam pad and accepts up to six 96-well microplates. Tray can be modified for other vessels up to 12.7cm (5") high and 3.2kg (7lbs.) in weight. Tray assembly height is adjustable from 3.2mm (1/8") to 12.7cm (5") to accommodate most microplates, especially deep-well microplates. Microplates can be double- or triple-stacked up to a maximum height of 12.7cm (5"). The unit’s 12 suction cup feet and 22.7kg (50lbs.) weight prevent shaker from “walking” across the lab bench.


Pulsing feature allows the user to program the unit to stop and start at a wide range of intervals. The repetitive stopping and starting action enhances the mixing action and is needed for difficult mixing applications, such as emulsification of highly viscous liquids or bipolar liquids. Shaker comes with an RS-232 interface. 230V, 50/60Hz models are also available; contact your VWR sales representative for more information.

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