ThermoScientific 4 Point Magnetic Stirrer

Thermo Scientific Stirrer Magnetic 4 Points Biosystem 4 Direct
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Thermo Scientific VarioMag Biosystem 4 - stirrers generate little to no heat. Thermally-sensitive cultures and cell suspensions can gently be stirred with complete confidence.

Biosystem 4 Direct stepper-drive units turn stirring bars gently and evenly to preserve valuable cultures. The Biosystem 4 Direct offers 4 synchronized stirring points in a rectangular arrangement.

• Sealed stainless steel housing for use in high humidity environments

• Compact, flat design

• Automatic start-up for safe stirrer acceleration

• Easy to clean under running water

Specifications - 
Model: Biosystem 4 Direct
Stirring Points: 4
Gap Between Points (mm): 185
Stirring Volume per Point (mL): 25-2,000
Stirring Power Setting (W): 4 x 0.5
Speed (rpm): 5-120
Operating Conditions(C): -10 to +40@95%rH
Protection Class: IP 64
Dimensions W x D x H (mm): 330 x 330 x 60
Weight (kg): 11.0 

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