SCILOGEX MX-T6-S Analog Tube Roller

Six-roller design for gentle rolling; easy to clean.
Sales price $200.00

Speed range of 0-70rpm---Drip tray contains accidental spillages----Can be used in cold rooms or incubators----DC brushless motor is quiet and maintenance free----Universal voltage

The MX-T6-S Tube Roller provides a gentle but highly efficient rocking and rolling motion, ideal for mixing blood samples, viscous substances and liquid-solid suspensions. Used in a variety of applications, prevention of blood coagulation and immune precipitation etc. The MX-T6-S can roll 10 x 50ml centrifuge tubes or 10 x 15ml centrifuge tubes.

MX-T6-S Analog Tube Roller Specifications:

Amplitude: 24mm
Motor type: DC motor
Rocking motion: Rocking & rolling
Max. load capacity: 4kg
Number of rollers: 6
Roller size[length]: 280mm
Speed range: 10-70rpm
Operation mode: Continuous
Voltage: 100–240V,50/60Hz
Power: 25W
Dimension[W×D×H]: 450×260×120mm
Weight: 4.5kg
Permissible ambient temperature and humidity: 5-40°C,80%RH
Protection class: IP21

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