aapptec Vantage

aapptec Vantage peptide synthesizer. New in crate!
Description The Vantage Automated Parallel Peptide Synthesizer is specially designed to perform the unique reactions for forming modified peptides, such as stapled peptides, that have been recently reported. Allyl/Aloc deprotection, ring closing metathesis and peptide thioester preparation are a few examples of the new peptide production processes that the Vantage automated peptide synthesizer can perform. The Vantage peptide instrument is equipped with an Ares reactor assembly that can cool to –78 °C and heat to 150 °C to facilitate a wide range of reactions. Heating and cooling in the Ares reactor is very uniform throughout the reactor assembly, with less than 1.5 °C variation between reactors. After the library synthesis is completed, the peptide products are automatically cleaved and collected in individual vials.