Nikon Ti-S Inverted Microscope

Research-grade fluorescent inverted microscope.
Sales price $14,750.00

Research-grade fluorescent inverted microscope with: 

  • 10x eyepieces
  • CFI Achro Flat Field 4x/0.10 NA 30mm WD non-phase contrast objective
  • CFI Achro ADL 10x NA .25 WD 5.2mm Ph1 objective
  • CFI Achro LWD ADL 20XF NA .40 WD 3.0mm Ph1 objective
  • CFI Achro LWD ADL 40XF NA .55 WD 2.1mm Ph1 objective
  • Mechanical stage
  • Ti-DH illuminator
  • Ti-FL Epi FL illuminator with HMX adaptor
  • LM-75 Metal Halide 75W light source for Nikon. Directly couples to Epi Fluorescence Attachment.
  • 2.0x digital LSR camera adaptor for Nikon Ti inverted side photo port with T-mount adaptor ring
  • Ti-FLC Epi filter cassette with 6 cube positions and custom filter cube with DAPI filter set

 Made in 2014.

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