Genetix QFill 3

96- and 384-well plate formats; rapid fill (384-well microplate in under 10s).
The Genetix QFill3 is a simple, rapid and versatile microplate filler. Critically, for sterile applications such as dispensing bacterial growth media and mammalian cell culture media, the QFill3 has a small enough footprint to be sited in a laminar flow hood. The entire flow path can be removed and autoclaved to ensure sterility between runs.
  • 96 and 384-well plate formats can be used with this system and a range of manifolds offer the ability to use microplates of differing depths including deep-well blocks.
  • The instrument can fill a 384-well microplate in under 10 seconds with a CV of <5% (for a 40┬Ál volume).
  • For higher throughout applications, the QStack can be mated with the QFill3 to allow unattended filling of up to 35 microplates with the capacity to lid and de-lid the plates.

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