Tanner Scientific E-Titan 550 Microtome

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Digital semi-automatic microtome with an electronically controlled digital stepper motor. Easy to operate and user friendly. The specimen clamp is uniquely designed so it can be adjusted at any angle.

Range of Slice Thickness: 0.25–60µm
Range of Trim Thickness: 0.25–60µm
Slice Thickness Adjustment: 0.25–1µm, increment 0.25µm 1–10µm, increment 1µm 10–20µm, increment 2µm 20–60µm, increment 5µm
Specimen Horizontal Feeding: 1”
Stroke Length: 2.25”
Specimen Adjustment Direction: Left/Right, Up/Down, at any angle
Maximum Section of Slice: 2” x 2”
Disposable Blade Index: Both High and Low Profile Blades
Retractable Specimen Clamp: Auto Feed Cutoff w/Alarm,
Lateral Blade Holder Dimensions: 16.5” x 23.6” x 12”
Weight: 64lbs
Electric Voltage: 110V, 60Hz

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