Darwin Chambers Incubator Model DB084-AA-GF

Temp range 2C to 60C; 1982 L capacity
Sales price $9,500.00
Darwin Chambers Incubator DB084 is ideal for locations where the ambient conditions cannot be controlled very well or there is a live heat load - such as for HPLCs, shakers, or other laboratory equipment. These units will also outperform Darwin Chambers' thermoelectric units where specifications call for fast “open door” recovery times. With stainless steel exterior, aluminum side walls, back door liner, and stainless steel floor and ceiling. See photos for shelves. Fuji PXG4 (PID - Fuzzy Logic) controller that offers a readout of actual and set-point values. With audible and visual alarms and remote monitoring.


Interior capacity: 70 cu ft (1982 L)

Exterior dimensions: 78"W x 35.81"D x 80.5"H (198.12cm x 90.95cm x 204.47cm)

Internal dimensions: 71.5"W x 28.75"D x 58.75"h (181.61 cm x 73.03cm x 149.23cm)

Shelf dimensions: 21.5"W, 26.25"D (54.6x 66.68 cm)

Crated weight: 1220 lbs (554 kg)

Temperature range: 2 C - 60 C

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