Baker SterilGARD II SG 400 Bio-Safety Cabinet

Baker SterilGARD SG 400 Bio-Safety Cabinet

The Baker SterilGARD® 400 (SG 400) Biological Safety Cabinet Type II, Class A/B3 offers maximum protection with its remarkable innovation: a negative pressure plenum surrounding contaminated positive pressure areas, including the work area. With this feature, any particle in the contaminated zone will consistently be drawn into the blower and trapped on a filter, thereby providing outstanding protection.

The SG 400 design incorporates a one-piece interior wall construction and a front access opening. Its 1/4-inch safety plate glass enables excellent visibility and may be opened to a height of 18 ½ inches to allow item placement in the work area. Also, the unit’s high volume return slots maximize its protective capability.

While the Baker SG 400 cabinet is commonly used for I.V. drug preparations and other pharmaceuticals, the cabinet is also suitable for clinical diagnostic work involving tissue culturing and other techniques requiring a contamination-free atmosphere.

Other features of the Baker SterilGARD® 400 laboratory safety cabinet include a vertical laminar airflow, a vertical sliding viewscreen, a recessed stainless steel work surface, a 100 to 150 ft. lighting reach.

Dimensions 31 in. x 54 in. x 64 in.
Weight 550 lbs.
Total Amps 10
Amps 4
Volts 115
Watts 460
BTU/HR 1571
External Exhaust 260 cfm
Motor 39089 Hp


Modifiable Speed

Access Opening Height (Work Area Size) 20.3 cm -53.3 cm (8 in. -21 in.)
Inlet/Outlet Valves 1 vacuum
Electrical Outlets 2 duplex
Performance: Face Velocity 105 fpm
Recirculated Air 0%
Exhausted Air 100%
Contaminated Pressure Plenum Negative
Exhaust Source Direct
Exhaust Destination Outside
Exhaust Connection Hard
HEPA Supply Filter(s) Above work area
HEPA Exhaust Filter Yes
StediVOLT Yes
UniPressure Yes
Stand Yes

Electrical Requirements: 115V, 60Hz, 12.4A

Mfg. Date: 07/01/1998

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